MonChauffeur assistance


Contains the most frequent questions and the key things you need to know to use the MonChauffeur service. You can contact us at the bottom of the page.

The MonChauffeur service allows you to book a taxi or chauffeur-driven vehicle for all your journeys: getting to or leaving a station or airport, as well as for your trips around town.

MonChauffeur aims to give the best customer experience:

  • A fixed price, known in advance, is calculated according to your trip and paid up front;
  • Guaranteed reservation (no queues);
  • The guarantee of a station pick-up, even when your train or plane is d​elayed, at no extra charge.

Travelling from door to door has never been so easy.

How does an MonChauffeur trip work?
  • Choose your pick-up time, date and address when you book.
    Accept the MonChauffeur fare offered for your trip.
  • Pay for the service directly with a bank card. Pay up front, so you have nothing to pay to the chauffeur when travelling.
  • You will receive an email confirmation just after ordering your MonChauffeur.
  • Your chauffeur will text you to inform you that they have arrived. The text gives you the driver’s contact details.
  • Your chauffeur will take you to your destination.
  • Rate your trip and give us your feedback, which is valuable for improving our services and ensuring your satisfaction.
Where will I find my chauffeur at the station or the airport?

At the station,

For an arrival at Paris Gare de Lyon, your chauffeur will wait for you at the end of the platform with a sign bearing your name.

For other stations, you will find your chauffeur at the meeting point indicated in the confirmation email. A simplified map of the station is also available on your station web page and directly on the iDPASS application.

At the airport,

Following your flight, your chauffeur will wait for you in the arrivals hall after baggage collection.

My train is delayed... Will my chauffeur wait for me at the station?

Yes! MonChauffeur ensures you are taken care of even when your train or plane is delayed. If you give your train or plane number when you book, we will inform the chauffeur of the delay so that they can be there for you on your arrival, at no extra cost.

How do i make a reservation?

Book an MonChauffeur online via the MonChauffeur site or using the iDPASS application.

If you have booked a train ticket, complete the “I have an SNCF file number” tab. This means your chauffeur can wait for you at the station at no extra cost, even if your train is delayed.

You can also enjoy the MonChauffeur service for your trips to airports and city centres.

Can i make a last minute booking?

You can order an MonChauffeur immediately using the iDPASS application.

For advance bookings via the MonChauffeur website or the iDPASS app, you can reserve up to:

  • 30 minutes before the start of your trip in Paris and Lyon
  • three hours before the start of your trip in Rennes, Nantes, Avignon, Nice, Cannes, Toulon, Montpellier, Bordeaux and Lille
  • Ten hours before the start of your trip in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Strasbourg and Toulouse.
How many passengers can travel in a vehicle?

Your group can comprise up to four passengers per vehicle, at no extra cost.

For more than four passengers, you need to book an additional car.

How many bags are allowed?

You can transport up to four pieces of luggage per vehicle (two suitcases or travel bags plus two cabin bags).

Can I bring pets?

You can bring a small animal (six kg max) if it travels in its box or carrier.

Can I receive an invoice (or receipt) for my trips?

Yes! You can download a receipt (in PDF) directly from the order management section of the website. Go to the order management page for your booking (accessible from the MonChauffeur site, through the “Manage your booking” link at the top right), then enter your email address and MonChauffeur order number.

Can I cancel a trip?

Yes! You can cancel a trip, free of charge. Refunds will be credited to the card used for payment.

Cancellation period:

  • Two hours before departure for all cities in France.
  • At 20:00 on the evening before your departure for Strasbourg

After the cancellation/reservation period has expired, the site can no longer accept cancellations and you will not be refunded.

For all cancellations, go to the booking management page.

Can I change destination?

Your trip is paid in advance, and calculated on the basis of the shortest route between your points of departure and arrival. The chauffeur cannot change itinerary, as this could extend the trip.

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