the SNCF Cab booking service

SNCF Train+Cab lets you book a taxi or a min-cab to reach your station or to leave it.

The service provides you the best travelling experience :

  • fixed price, is calculated according to the route, and paid at the booking.
  • Guaranteed pick-up (on time, no more queues) ;
  • In case of delayed train, the pick-up is still guaranteed: your driver waits for you at no extra charge.

Let’s make your journey easier!

How shall I book my cab?

As to book a cab, please go on the website You need to know the reference of your train booking.

If you made the booking on the internet, please use the left hand form labelled “J’ai une référence de dossier TGV” and fill in your train booking Nr (6 letters) and name.

Else, please use the right hand form labelled “Je n’ai pas de référence de dossier TGV” and fill in the blanks: Train NR (4 digits), date, departure and arrival stations.

How will my ride take place?

  1. You define the address, pick-up time and pay the ride at the booking stage.

  2. Your driver sends you a SMS (text message) a few minutes befor the pick-up time. This SMS allowes you to reach him if needed. Now, your driver will wait for you 10 minutes past the pick-up time (unless your train is delayed).

  3. Your driver picks you up and takes you to the destination. You do not have to pay the driver.

Where shall I meet my driver at the station?

If you  choose the pick-up at the train option, the driver will wait for you at the head end of the train  (with a sign with your name on it).

This option is mandatory, and included in the base price at very large stations : Paris Nord, Paris gare de Lyon, Paris Montparnasse.

If you did not suscribe to the option, your driver stands at the meeting point, detailed in the confirmation e-mail (attached to the mail is a simple map of the station showing the meeting point). This map of the station can also be found on the page of your station.